Smart Tasq provides experienced and talented workforce with deep industry knowledge to support the administrative function within the healthcare space. The providers and payors within the healthcare industry find great value in our services to process labor intensive and time-consuming tasks, which has a direct bearing on patient’s wellbeing.
Providers of healthcare services include primary care physician services, hospital care, laboratory services, imaging services, preventive care, psychiatry services, pharmacy services, physical therapy services, occupational therapy services, and mental health services.

Medical Billing and Collection

Smart Tasq medical billing team works closely with the providers’ front office staff to electronically receive the billing information, review and submit with the insurance for processing. Running ageing and following up with discrepancies helps keep the AR within the budget. The providers receive timely reports and that peace of mind to focus on their core business.

Enrolment and Credentialing

The Enrolment and Credentialing services help providers update their professional credentials and broaden their enrolment with insurance providers. The end result is diversity in acceptance by the payors and smooth processing of the bills.

Appointment Scheduling

Smart Tasq assumes the role of healthcare provider’s front office and takes calls from the patients seeking an appointment with the provider. Appointment scheduling, collecting insurance information, sending out reminders and assisting the patients over the phone, email or other mediums improves the quality of service to the patients.

Eligibility & Benefits Verifications

Our experienced staff runs verification on insurance eligibility and benefits covered prior to the patient’s visit to the doctor’s practice. This helps the healthcare provider plan the treatment and bill for the service with the confidence of smooth billing and payment process.

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